Fuel Treatment

Obtain Higher Fuel Efficiency

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants contain no volatile contaminants, making them much more resistant to thermal and oxidative breakdown. As a result, components stay clean, oil viscosity remains constant and fuel efficiency remains high.

Thermal and Oxidative Stability

Some of the chemicals in conventional lubricants break down at temperatures within the normal operating range of many vehicle and equipment components, coating components with varnish, deposits and sludge and leaving the oil thick and difficult to pump. This higher viscosity oil reduces engine and fuel efficiency because components must expend extra energy, and extra fuel, to do their jobs.


Conventional lubricants are also very susceptible to volatility. When the oil’s lighter molecules volatilize during hot operating conditions, it contributes to further viscosity increase and reductions in fuel economy. Because AMSOIL synthetic lubricants contain uniformly sized molecules, they resist volatilization much better than conventional lubricants, maintain their viscosities and allow more fuel to be used for vehicle propulsion, improving fuel economy.

Industry tests demonstrate an average conservative 2-5 percent increase in fuel economy by switching to synthetic lubricants, while many AMSOIL customers report even larger gains. According to the most recent data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the average passenger vehicle uses 554 gallons of gasoline per year. At a price of $4 a gallon, 554 gallons of gas costs $2,216. A 5 percent fuel economy improvement would save 27.7 gallons of gasoline and yield $110.80 a year in fuel savings. That’s enough to cover the price of a year’s supply of AMSOIL synthetic motor oil and Ea Oil Filters, with money left over.

We look forward to serving you

We look forward to serving you

Call Now Here’s a copy of the AMSOIL product catalogue for you to view or download

Here’s a copy of the AMSOIL product catalogue for you to view or download

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See our selection and shop at our online store!

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